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„Take the challenge and join the fight against fake news by creating a network without fake. You also have an influence on what others read.”


#FakeHunter Challenge 2020 is over!

Meet the winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge, a competition that took place on the weekend of November 13-15 in Warsaw. During these three days of competition, over 2,000 applications were submitted! The participants competed for attractive prizes.



We want to hear the voice of specialists and people who have experienced this phenomenon in the discussion about fake news and its impact on our lives.

That is why we invite everyone to online meetings with experts who will tell, among others, about what fake news are, how to capture them, how they influence the shaping of the awareness of contemporary Internet users. Among our guests there will be also public figures who will share with us their experiences in dealing with the problem of false content about themselves.



Take part in the competition and get attractive prizes!

All participants in the contest have a chance to win attractive cash prizes. The prize for the first place on the podium is 15 thousand PLN, for the second place - 10 thousand PLN, and for the third place 5 thousand PLN. The rules are simple - whoever gets the most points, wins. Competition participants can submit their entries in all four categories - the chance of winning increases because the points add up. The jury supervises the course of the competition and the evaluation of the works.

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Become fakehunter and win awards

Join the fight against fake news on the weekend of November 13-15

On these days, anyone can take part in the challenge of finding and verifying fake news on the web and recive rewards. Points can be scored for reporting false information, preparing a source-based analysis and pointing to source of false information.

Take the challenge and join us in the fight against fake news by creating a network without fake. Share information about fakes, participate in discussions, follow FakeHunter's profile and convince others to do so. It is also up to you what they read and how they react to this information.



Competition rules

The competition is open to all Internet users who speak Polish or English, regardless of age. The competition is open to teams of one to ten people, competing for 3 days and competing for attractive prizes.

The competition consists of 4 competitions:

In this competition the number of entries entered into the FakeHunter system from the area of the thematic categories provided for in the competition, which the jury deems verifiable, is scored.

This competition is a combination of fake hunt competition with the verification of applications carried out by the competition participants, issuing verdicts and preparation of fact checking reports in accordance with the #FakeHunter system fact checking rules.

According to the 'Policy of corrections' of the system, participants of the competition can verify reports already published on the #FakeHunter website from the beginning of its existence and present alternative verdicts and sources.

This competition consists in tracing, using the available Internet and programming tools, the original, real source of the fake news, verified as fake news on the #FakeHunter website or by the jury, presenting evidence and materials proving it. By fake news we mean information or a claim that can be verified with facts. Competition is not subject to opinions.

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Send your contest application

Submit fake info, report or information about the source of the false information

Have you registered yourself or your team? Cool! You are ready to submit competition entries from 13/11 to 11:00 on 15/11. Use the form below, providing the same email address as provided on the registration form.

Submit fake news, reports, or information about the source of the fake.

GovTech Festival

GovTech Festival, November marked by digitization

GovTech Festival, November marked by digitization #FakeHunter Challenge is one of the key events of the November GovTech Festival, a series of online events that can be attended by anyone interested. Throughout the month, as part of the GovTech Festival, webinars, workshops and hackathons will be organized, which aim to break analogue barriers, educate and open the society to new opportunities related to digitization. The participation in all events is free of charge

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They support our action

The great commitment of our partners helped us organize the event, so important from the point of view of the fight against disinformation. We appreciate this cooperation and thank you all for supporting the project, which helps cleanse the web of false and misleading information

About the challenge

What is fake news and why is it so dangerous?

In cyberspace, false information, popularly known as fakes, is appearing more and more often on a scale larger than you think. They pertain to many areas of life, consciously or without being misleading. Anyone can be a victim of disinformation or even fraud. Without realizing what fake news is and how powerful it is, we believe what we read and watch too easily. The time of the coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance of the fight against false information. People started to believe that 5G technology causes Covid-19 disease and cancer, vaccines cause autism, and wearing face masks can be dangerous to your health. The victims of information scams on the Internet are, among others, ordinary people, public figures, companies whose market value is destroyed due to fake news.

We have plenty of examples of fake news!
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Verified informations

See what we've already checked

Here you will find all verified information reported to us by Internet users. Find out what was real and what was wrong about the coronavirus, and use this source to rectify false information when you spot it.



We are waiting for your message

Are you interested in our project? Do you need more information about it? Or maybe you want to support us, but you don't know how yet? If so, simply send us a message using email fakehunter@pap.pl. Let's be in touch!

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